corzoogle 0.7.4

Living proof that I don'tcompletely ignore user feedback..
corzoogle 0.7.4.. cooler and faster than ever..

changes since last release:

v0.7.4 Oct-Nov 2004
added (ugly) highlights to "exact" word matches. they are disabled by default (they were sort of in there already, some one wanted them working) This looks like someone drew a marker pen through all the exact hits *ewww*

added a switch for searching inside html tags. I'll set this to false, which produces neater reults. if you are using coroogle to "grep" your site for editing, or searching web-development technical documentation, or such-like, you'll likely want to set this to true.

preview snippets can now be presented with the query terms in context, in other words, the query term appears some way into the text, and not right at the start of the snippet. aids comprehension. of course, how far in the term appears, is configurable in the prefs.
Corzoogle now attempts to create the "recent hits" file if it's not there, which it did originally (dunno how that got switched off). There's still a message if this wasn't possible (likely).

fixed a wee bug where html tags were being passed to the "past-hits" and users could create interesting html structures at the foot of results pages.

added a few "googies" to the distribution; customised Apache manual index page with built-in corzoogle search, is one.

v0.7.3.6 13th July 2004
added<and> to the removed characters. You won't get unexpected html structures in the results now. Searching for "<select name", for instance, would create a nice select option. Amazingly, corzoogle still returned all the results just fine!

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