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This isn't "about corzblog", though it is about corzblog, and corzoogle, and the website sync, and corz distro machine and all the other bits and bobs I let loose on the web server's of the internet's, or rather, you do.

And as I release "wee upgrades, and often", my devblog1 is the place to find out exactly what feature is where, and when, and if I fixed that bug yet. (yes! as soon as you mailed me!)

rather than dropping in here on the off-chance of fresh meat, it's a smart idea to give either the rss 0.9.1, or rdf 1.0 newsfeed links to your news aggregator, get live headlines the moment anything happens.

if you don't know what a news aggregator is, then go find out!2

Your direct link to all the beta action is here, downloads provided courtesy of corz distro machine, of course.

the php stuff that definitely works get dropped into the main distro machine located here. that's probably enough information to be getting on with.

for now..


ps.. Well, I noticed this about page for the devblog was blank, see, and also I fancied testing corzblog's new "edit about" feature. Damn! forgot the inward link! okay, back to work...

  1. dev = development, sort of. but "elopment" sounds a lot like "elephant", and I think that's why the word "dev" has become so popular, probably.
  2. I'm not being a wiseguy, really, that's sound advice!

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