Rapoo 7800P Update

On Thursday evening, it started; not one but two orange LEDs under the surface glow whenever I move the mouse. It can only mean one thing. Low batteries. Lose a point for wasting my remaining power flashing lamps at me.

What was it supposed to be? A year? What did I get? Just over two months.

Admittedly, my mouse travels a lot, LOT farther than the "average" user's rodent in the "average" day, and two months is actually more than I expected, certainly on a par with any AA-devouring mouse I've previously owned. I'm actually quite impressed.

And does it take rechargeables? Yup. I've just popped in a couple of Lidl "TRONIC" batteries at around 80% and the mouse is perfectly happy.

Also of note, the mouse worked perfectly right up until the point the batteries died. It just went stop. I wiggle, the amber battery warning LEDs don't come on. Aha. There was none of the juttery-stuttery-get-dem-batteries-looked-out-mate malarkey I'm used to.

So that's about it for the Rapoo "review". Still lovin' it. A couple of addedattheendums..

The scroll wheel gets greasy easy (couldn't resist!). Perhaps it's because of the flatter profile, perhaps it's the rubberoid material, but whatever it is, I need to keep my scrolling fingers free of all oils or else clean the wheel daily (actually a fairly quick and simple operation - angled drag over microfibre with the device switched off) but still, fingers produce oil, so it's a wee bit of an annoyance.

Also, the buttons have proved to be slightly noisy, specifically the side buttons. I often hear tiny tension clicks when I move the mouse around. Nothing too loud or annoying, but there you have it.

Right, back to using the mouse!

for now..


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