A CorzSpaZio update. Changes..

+   You can now set the volume label from the drives list context menu.
	There is also a HotKey for this, which is F2 (standard rename hotkey).

+   You can now open the Recycle Bin from the drive list context menu for
	"My Computer", or whatever you call it on your system.

+   Added an edit CorzSpaZio.ini option to the Tray Menu. You can also
	disable this menu item in your CorzSpaZio.ini; sometimes useful in a
	professional setting.

	You can also set your preferred editor inside CorzSpaZio.ini (by default
	it is Windows Notepad).

+   Optical disks (including mounted disk images) now have an "Eject Disk"
	option in their context menu.

+   Network disks now have a "Disconnect Mapped Drive" option in their
	context menu.

+   CorzSpaZio will noe recognise SSD drives and give them a different icon
	in the list. I don't think the icon is actually an SSD drive, but it's
	the closest thing I could find inside shell32.dll. The 16x16 icon looks
	not too bad. I have no idea yet if this works.

~   For compatibility, the drive serial (in the dump file) is now in
	hexidecimal format.

~   Sometimes Windows doesn't return the correct drive label for mapped net-
	work drives. In this case, CorzSpaZio will use an improved method for
	retrieving this data. The label should now never be blank, unless of
	course, you set it that way!

~   If your main window is off-screen at launch (for example you login via
	RDP on a smaller device) CorzSpaZio will now fix this immediately on
	launch. Previously you had to restart CorzSpaZio to see the changes.

~   CorzSpaZio will no longer attempt an internet connexion to do version

~   CorzSpaZio will timeout the version check connexion if nothing is
	received within five seconds. This shouldn't be needed as my server is
	fairly reliable, but you never know...

~   Finally for version checking, you can now specify "always" as the
	check frequency. This was designed for debugging purposes, but my server
	won't mind if you enable it. With version_checking=always, CorzSpaZio
	will check for a new version of itself at every shutdown.

*   The "Start With Windows?" dialog you get on first run wasn't setting the
	startup link correctly until the next time CorzSpaZio launched. It will
	now set the link immediately.

*   Fixes an issue I recently introduced where the email test caused
	CorzSpaZio to crash.

Full details in the itstory.

Grab the latest CorzSpaZio beta from the usual place.

for now..


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