Another Beta release of checksum is available.

NOTE: to get version update notifications for beta releases, enable the beta_channel preference.


$++ Mail Notification on hash failures.

	Yes! checksum can mail you when it detects errors in your files;
	especially handy for scheduled tasks running while you are away or
	otherwise engaged.

	Your mail preferences can be edited from a cute GUI available from
	checksum's System Tray menu (while one-shot verify options window is
	open). It can do CC, BCC, SSL, single and multiple file attachments,
	mail priority, all the usual goodies. (it uses the built-in Windows CDO
	mail sending functions)

	I've tested it successfully with a few outgoing servers including gmx
	and gmail (both using SSL on the standard port: 465) as well as my own
	local Linux sendmail.

	To attach files, you can either enter the full path of the file(s) into
	the attachment input (separate multiple files with semi-colons ";"), or
	else click the label "Attachments" to browse for files (which will be
	appended to your current input), or else drag & drop files directly onto
	the input (which replaces the current input).

	NOTE: You can use the "@log" token (no quotes) to attach the final log
	to the email - most useful! e.g..


	Attaching you log file, as well as being extremely useful, has the added
	bonus of (assuming you have inline attachments and HTML enabled in your
	mail client) making the entire mail look cool like a checksum log!

	Finally, you can also save mail settings as presets for later recall.
	This makes it easy to switch between mail servers, if required.

+   The Mail-On-Fail dialog is also resizable, like the create options, for
	the same (accessibility) reasons, and with corresponding checksum.ini
	hacks available for permanent resizing (these are the minimum values)..


+   BAD files (those which appear to be .hash files, but are not - most
	likely corrupted) will now be logged as well as reported. BAD files can
	be sign of disk corruption.

~   Even faster startup!

~   The final total number of files processed is now also shown in the final
	dialog during verify operations as well as creation tasks.

~   During search+verify operations, if checksum discovers a changed file,
	it will now update the hash (if you have this behaviour enabled - by
	using the "w" switch). Previously the "w" switch had no effect in this

+   I have added an option for search+verify to the one-shot verify options.
	It's kinda thrown in for now, until I can get around to re-organising
	that window. But it works!

~   If you have open_log_folder ("g" switch) set during verification and
	there are hash failures and the log folder is /already/ open on your
	desktop /somewhere/, checksum will bring it to the front.

*   Fixed a bug where a couple of the verify switches were not translating
	into the checked items in the one-shot verify options.

£*  Fixed the bug in the disable edit ini and custom preamble not being
	available to registered users.

*   Fixed a bug in the relative and fall-back logging locations. If a blank
	log location is entered, the log will now appear in the top folder
	checked, as expected. And if that is not possible, it will fall-back to
	your desktop (and now with a file extension, as expected!). No one uses
	this (because the checksum dedicated log folder is such a good idea!),
	which is how it escaped my attention so long.

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab this latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

for now..


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