Another Beta release of checksum is available.

NOTE: to get version update notifications for beta releases, enable the beta_channel preference.

New features..

++  checksum will now post the path that was hashed/verified in the final
    tooltip, in case you forgot what it was you were hashing, e.g..

    checksum completed verifying: e:\music\jazz\ in 3.55 seconds.. [100% OK]

++  Added new method (actually, the original method!) for testing
    writeability of directories. Normally we use the most accurate method,
    which is to write an actual test file to the directory. However, this
    will also change the "last modified" timestamp on that directory.

    If you would prefer this to /not/ happen, you can do (in checksum.ini)..


    which will instead rely on the system's "read-only" flag for the
    directory. This works in most ordinary scenarios.

++  Added Individual file verification search feature. This enables you to
    verify a single file, anywhere in your system, /from/ anywhere in your
    system, regardless of where its associated .hash file is in the file

    This is extremely useful when you want to verify a single file but don't
    have an individual .hash for it, especially when the entry is inside a
    .hash file with thousands or millions of other entries, or you aren't
    sure exactly which .hash file contains the entry.

    Normally, for verification you feed checksum .hash (or .md5, whatever)
    files and it scans them looking for matching files to hash. Using /this/
    method, you feed checksum a regular file path and it scans your .hash
    files looking for a matching hash entry!

    checksum will search up the tree, first looking for matching individual
    .hash files, and then folder hashes, all the way up to the root of the
    volume until it finds one containing a hash for your file, at which
    point it will verify that one hash and return the result.

    The final dialog will also tell you *which* .hash file contained the
    entry for your chosen file.

    Thanks to Brett Lang for the original idea, which he presented to me as
    a DOS batch script doing a similar thing. I have to admit, it took me a
    while to get my head around the idea (it's just so back-to-front!), but
    once I did, I immediately saw how useful such a feature might be.

    You can enable this operation by using an "i" on the command-line, think
    "individual" file verification, or perhaps "Inverted operation"! e.g..

        checksum.exe vi "C:\some\path\to\file.ext"

    This works best as an Explorer context command. Future versions may have
    this built-in to the installer setup. For now, an example .reg file is

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab this latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

for now..


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