Drag-and-drop and installer improvements..

+   You can now drag multiple items onto the one-shot create options path
	input and checksum will create a file mask group from the dropped items,
	for example, if you dropped these three files..


	The path: input would be set to "E:\Docs", and in the file masks input
	you would have "*.pdf,*.txt,*.doc".

	As usual, the resultant .hash file would contain only hashes for files
	matching these extensions.

~   When launched with a file on the command-line (via Explorer right-click,
	etc.) the file name will be placed and selected in the masks input.
	Previously it not selected. As before, if a folder is sent, the masks
	input is set to the default mask "*.*".

~   When dragging files onto checksum's one-shot create options dialog, the
	name of the file will now be added to the masks drop-down list and
	selected in the file mask: input. Previously it was added to the
	drop-down list but not selected.

~   Some more minor cosmetic fix-ups, out-of-place linefeeds in read-only
	notices and such-like.

*   Fixed a bug with setup where installing an old version over a new
	version would send the installer into a dialog loop (if the user chose
	to uninstall the newer version first). Of course, almost no one would
	attempt such a thing, but still. This should now work as expected.

Available from the usual place. En-joy!

for now..


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