The improvements continue..

++  Added process priority option, an integer from 0-5 (0 = low/idle,
	5 = realtime). The default is 2 (Normal). Setting a priority outside
	this range gets you 2 (Normal)!

++  During a verify operation, checksum can now remove hashes for missing
	files from your .hash file

		pref: delete_missing_hashes=true
		command-line switch: x

	Once set, this will happen transparently, unless you have chosen to log
	"everything", in which case they will show up in your logs as "DELETED".

	There is also a notice in the final dialog which lets you know how many
	hashes were deleted, if any.

	NOTE: Whenever checksum deletes hashes from a hash file, a backup is
	stored in your system temporary folder, named
	"checksum-deleted-backup.hash". If you make a boo-boo, for example, by
	enabling this preference and clicking on a fallback .hash file, you can
	always grab the original from there; at least until you repeat the

	ALSO NOTE: If ALL the hashes inside your .hash file are deleted, the
	file itself is also deleted.

++  checksum can now shutdown your computer at the end of an operation.
	Handy for big jobs on systems that don't run 24/7.

		pref: shutdown_when_done=false
		command-line switch: z

~   If you had the <SHIFT> key down whilst queuing a job in explorer,
	that will be remembered (the options dialog will pop up). If you had it
	pressed while selecting multiple files, it will pop up for each job.

++  Added support for TAB delimited hash files. I have never seen one of
	these in the wild, but a couple of checksum users have assured me that
	they do exist! Enjoy!

++£ You can now hide the "Edit ini" tray and context menu items to prevent
	underlings having easy access to the main settings.

++£ You can now disable the preamble altogether, if required. This had
	existed for a while, but there was no preference for it.

+   checksum beta releases now have their own version checking URL, so if you
	are playing with the betas, you can be assured of staying up-to-date
	with the latest developments.

*   The ToolTip windoid and synchronize dialog will now honour your
	show_unc_paths preference.

*   Fixed a bug where slashes were being used instead of backslashes in
	relative paths. checksum doesn't mind either way, but passing your .hash
	file to some other (lesser!) hashing app might have caused problems.

	Note: You still get forward slashes when nix_paths is enabled.

*   Fixed a minor bug where the backup ini file had a double .ini extension.

Available from the usual place. Enjoy!

for now..


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