Long Path Fixer 0.9

I got a chance today to add the final features to Long Path Fixer, namely..

+   Added Rename option.

+   You can now disable the Delete confirmations, if required (in the System
    Tray menu).

+   Added Hotkeys for Delete (Del key) and Rename (F2).

+   Added option to delete to recycle bin. By default, you have two options,
    "Delete" and "Delete To Recycle Bin", and you can choose between them.
    You can also set in your preferences..


    in which case you will have only "Delete", and everything will go in the
    recycle bin automatically.

    This preference can be set from Long Path Fixer's System Tray Menu.

+   Added some guidance on what to do if a recycle operation fails..

     (Recycling items can fail if the file name is too long, so either do a
      full delete, or first rename the file to something shorter)

*   Fixed an issue where double-clicking the list when nothing was selected
    would throw up two notifications.

That's all the planned features in now!

an image

Click the image to go to the Long Path Fixer page.

for now..


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