Project Folders.. ALL of 'em!

I don't know about you, but when I'm working on a particular project, I tend to have a heap of related folders open on my desktop.

For instance, when I'm working on checksum, I have Eleven folders that are always open. Opening these manually is choreful, so I came up with a solution which it's about time I shared. It's very simple..

First, create a batch file, say "project-checksum.bat", containing something like this..

:: open folders for a project
:: checksum..

explorer "I:\Cor\Dev"
explorer "I:\Cor\Dev\checksum"
explorer "C:\Program Files (x86)\corz\checksum"
explorer "C:\Program Files\corz\checksum"
explorer "I:\Cor\Dev\checksum\distro\checksum"
explorer "I:\Cor\Dev\checksum\distro\checksum_x64"
explorer "O:\windows\software\checksum"
explorer "B:\Test\checksum"
explorer "C:\Users\cor\AppData\Roaming\corz\checksum"
explorer "O:\public\machine\download\beta\windows\checksum"
explorer "M:\"

Then create a shortcut to launch the batch file. Its command-line would go something like this..

%SystemRoot%\system32\cmd.exe /C "C:\Toolbars\Active Scripts\bat\project-checksum.bat"

Obviously, the path will be different on your system, but the idea is the same. Click the shortcut and Voila! Eleven folders open on my desktop.

Their positions on my desktop(s) are always the same, thanks to the wonderful ShellFolderFix.

I keep the shortcut in a menu of similar project launchers, activated from a Coolbarz ToolBar. By the way, the Coolbarz web site has recently vanished, sadly, but downloads can still be found around the web. Google that.

So there you have it, a time-saving, sanity-saving system for getting all your relevant folders launched with a single click.

for now..


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