The Shallow End, Parallels..

I was around 14 or maybe 15, at the pool with friends and one of their mums. I bet she remembers this.

We were diving all afternoon, at the deep end - the old Montrose pool had some impressive diving boards. Like a perpetual motion machine, the three of us, dive, dive, dive. Then, before leaving, a short splash-around in the shallow end, good idea. In I go... Dive...

So there's blood everywhere and I'm rushed to hospital. I still have a nice scratch just above the hair-line.

Why is this relevant? Well, it sort of explains why reverted back to its May edition last night and is slowly being rebuilt from that point onwards.

It's the exact same story, except with web interfaces..

After a disastrous few days (this always happens when I work for a particular client, who I believe may be cursed!) I'm getting my local network back together, messing around with routers, mostly DD-WRT.

Router web interfaces are pretty straightforward, you click the tab, click the section, make the adjustment, apply. I must have made thousands of such changes over the course of the last few days. Section blah, setting blah, apply, rinse, repeat.

So when I headed to my Parallels (aka. Plesk) reseller panel, clicked the domain redirection I wanted to delete (I'm hosting it locally now), hit remove and okayed it, it didn't occur to me that Plesk, in its ultimate wisdom, had redirected me back up to my main subscription, and that's where I actually was when I hit delete. Oops.

Maybe I'm just imagining a pattern.

At any rate, Parallels can be a tricky tool, note to self: measure twice, click once.

Also note, when Parallels' automated ftp-uploaded backups get above a certain size, they will fail, with no warning, no local copy and no mail. My most recent weekly backup is from May. smiley for :eek:

Parallels, it just gets better with every release! smiley for :lol:


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