Windows 8

Thanks to my recent upgrade, I've been able to do things that weren't previously possible, in this case, testing (software compatibilities with) the next version of windows, in a virtual machine.

I'm talking about my desktop PC, not my phone1, and yet for some reason that is the interface I was presented with. Microsoft, you need to provide me with a way to not only prevent that shit from loading as my default "Windows Experience", but know that it's gone from my system for ever, or better yet never installed, the Windows 8 setup "app" recognizing that it's not running on a phone from the get-go. This is my desktop.

Some of this more recent big-button-click-me-baby stuff is good - I love the simple file replace dialogs Windows 7 presents - REPLACE - DON'T REPLACE - Lovely! Of course it all falls apart copying directories, och well, another opportunity for 3rd-party developers - step in and do it better!

for now..


1. My phone is antique and quite unfit for Windows *anything*!

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