checksum 1.0

This month seems to have slipped away, and with another emptyish devblog to boot, but quite a lot has happened, dev-wise.

Most importantly, checksum got released; which is to say, I put out a release candidate, and didn't get back one single bug report from its beta testers, switched its version number to 1.0, and slipped it into the engine. Help yourself.

Remember how I created a PAD file, the idea being that one can submit the URL of said file to the major download sites, and they scoop up the details automatically, and update the same way. This turned out to be a pipe-dream.

Okay, I've only tried it on a half dozen sites, so far, but these are the major players, and while they mostly all offered the facility to grab the PAD file, so far, only one of them was able to use this information to create a software listing without any manual intervention on my part. So much for that.

Other stuff …


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