404 v1.9.11

I realized that I don't really use my beta folders as much as I aught to, so I threw the latest version of 404 in there. For all my "little things", I generally I go straight to the release stage (after rigorous testing, and all that), but some things need even longer testing phases, and it's a) not fair to keep this all to myself, and b) you can help.

404 v1.9.11 changes..
  • In the event of the site scan turning up a single match, 404 can now redirect with a proper 301 header, just like the catchers. Most users wouldn't even realize they got a 404. This basically gives you automatic 301 permanent redirects for any pages you move. keep the users and spiders happy!
  • You now can specify the catchers auto-jump method, '301', or old-school meta-refresh, in the preferences.
  • Added scan locking. When 404 is scanning the site, it will place a temporary lock file, to prevent crazy bots and site abusers from running multiple file scans at once, and potentially stressing the server, chewing up resources.
    404 will still display, but with a message telling the user to wait a moment before trying again, rather than the usual search results. Most folk will never see this in action, but it's good to know it's there, preventing potential mishaps.
  • You can now choose to have 404 return matches for directories, so if the user was looking for the non-existant /foo/hell they could get back results for /bar/shell scripts/
  • Fixed the slashes in the corzoogle input (for '' quotes).

There's more.


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