Apache control scripts

I got around to uploading my Apache control scripts to the Linux archive. They are just like the Mac ones inside the wee script pack, but better. As well as Linux/UNIX/etc., they should also work on a Mac, in case you wanted an upgrade for those.

The scripts search in the various locations that Apache (1 & 2) can be found, and so should work for most server setups..

The commands..

Restart Apache*. The most used script.

Start Apache. (Go!!!)

Test Apache. (Test)

Stop Apache. (Halt!)

Test Virtual Hosts

As usual, I've added a ".sh" extension to the files on-site, so the server knows what to do with them; but you can remove that when you get them home; make them quicker to type.

That's it. You can grab them here.

for now..


* This was the first Apache control script I made, and got very used to using it, which partly explains why the other scripts also begin with "r", and not "a", as one would expect. The other part being that "at" would clash with another command, at least on my Slackware box, it does.

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