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The gd-verification script under all the comments got a bit of an update today. For some time, I've been aware that I'd basically made the comments facility inaccessible to anyone without an image capable browser, like Lynx users, for example.

I had my sleeves rolled up in the comments facility, adding pajamas capability (so now I don't have to login or verify or anything, to have full access to the comments), so it seemed as good a time as any to add this new text-based authentication.

I've uploaded a new class+demo, and the code can be got right here. For demonstration purposes, you are also allowed to switch between text and image mode, try them out.

A new preference has been added to the php class to enable this new functionality. Now you can choose between 'image', 'text', or 'auto'; 'auto' being the most sensible choice; gd-verify will query the browser's capabilities, and if it can take images, send them, otherwise it sends text. You can also query gd-verify in advance, and find out what sort of container you will need, either <img or <div tag, depending.

The demo script shows how to make all this happen - it's pretty easy; as well as a simple method (checkbox) to enable your to users decide which method they would prefer, if that's your bag.

for now..


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