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Well, after almost six months off-line, I figured I would have a few quiet weeks to get things ship-shape, upload the new content, and so on, before Google picked up the site again; and who-knows how long after that, to get a decent ranking. I was wrong.

Yesterday; after only a week at the new host; I spotted the visitor levels take a huge leap, and Googled for a few popular keywords. Sure enough, there I am back at the top. This has SEO implications, but I'll have to think about that. It says a lot for the power of inward links, that's for sure. None of them paid-for or coerced, I always enjoy adding. smiley for ;) Thank You!

I finished packaging up corz clock, and the color pickin chooser yesterday. My grand plan was to unleash them first on the AutoIt forum, but it seems that new members can't post in the example scripts forum, or something; their admins are tardy in the email reply area, but then; I'd have a real cheek moaning about that, wouldn't I! smiley for :lol:

I'm finishing up the pages for those right now (along with a few other things, as ever - thank the lord for tabs!). I'm also working on some other AutoIt-related stuff, tutorials and such. There's also a few new .au3 files appearing in the /engine, so if you dig AutoIt (and what Windows power-user could resist it?) check in there every once in a while for goodies.

I'm also in the process of throwing up some IPCop add-ons that I'd previously neglected to share. The story I'm sticking to is that I wanted to test them for a good year before vouching for their security; IPCop is, after all, a firewall; and a damn good one.

There's a fake ident server add-on; handy for connecting to certain IRC servers, FTP servers, and other things, an lsusb installer; so you can check what USB devices you have - handy for laptop installations, and a "last IP" page, which unsurprisingly, tells you what your IP used to be, aka. "previous IP". Grab those here.

While I'm at it, I'm updating some of the other Linux goodies. There's so much I want to share, yet most things exist in a state not fit for sharing, though I'm getting through them one-by-one. If you run a Linux box, particularly a Slackware Linux box, it's worth dropping once in a while. I have a sorta Linux mirror directory structure going in the archive, amongst other things, which will be especially useful to Slackware n00bs. Archive link at the top of all pages.

That's about it for now; I'd better get back to work before all these bloody visitors make a mess.

One final note, I spotted the first automated spammers have been foiled by the comment script's new anti-spam capabilities. Strike one for me, I think. smiley for :geek:

for now..


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