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It's been a bit here and there this last month. I don't seem to get many large "blocks" of time to get really stuck in. Priorities. smiley for :roll:

The xhtml upgrade continues slowly, and lots of back-end code has been tweaked and improved along the way. The comments facility is starting to look pretty damned cool, with only two major features to add, it may yet see the light of day in source form.

No mysql1, the comments themselves are lovely xhtml-in-a-file, like these blogs are, and the comment script itself has proved to be very robust, that "bloody voyager page" has something like two thousand, seven hundred comments on it, and up they come, like shit off a stick.

I have a funky idea for comment subscriptions, too. I'm not keen on adding rss to comments, imagine a thousand people subscribed to every comment page? That could drain some serious bandwidth. smiley for :eek: Instead, I thought I might use email, but with a twist..

When a user posts, their name is stored, and if they choose to subscribe, their email address is linked to that name. If someone else posts after that, and uses their name in the post, they get a notification email! This list of subscribers could also be used to disallow duplicate user names in comment threads. I might get time to code this over the week-end, though I've already said that about a dozen tasks, so, we'll see.

cbparser, that fun-luvvin bbcode parser for the masses had a minor upgrade the other day (v1.0.3b). I expanded the tag balance checking. Certain imbalances will be automatically corrected. Try a basic unfinished tag on any of the comment pages onsite for a wee demo. The test page is good.



because you know I will do anything to avoid using a database, and why not? a) it's fun to code the filesystem, b) real files are, well, REAL! You can pick them up, drag and drop them, zip them, back them up easily, every operating system in the planet knows how to deal with them, and crucially, c) modern filesystem access speeds and memory sizes mean flat-files are getting more and more attractive all the time.

You know there's even a "lite" version of MySQL now, that keeps all its data in a.. you guessed it.. regular flat file. interesting, huh? smiley for :ken:

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