I'm feeling more confident about this whole Unicode business now, in fact, I think I actually understand what it's all about. Like most folks, especially software developers, I was kinda hoping the whole thing would just go away. It wont.

Here's something crazy; Windows uses UCS2 as its standard string type, for the OS (XP/2K/2003/etc) and Visual Basic, COM, etc; nothing wrong with that, UCS2 is a useful encoding; yet RealBasic, which compiles, and always has compiled applications for Windows, has no UCS2 support! Supports just about every other text encoding on the planet, but no UCS2. The word "brain-dead" comes to mind. Until that happens, windows users can expect oddness with extended characters in the±wire. sorry-o.

• I further extended the abilities of the log box. You can now drop text clippings (clipping files or dragged text from other apps) directly into the log box. If there are multiple lines in the clipping, it will display them all, just like it does when you drop regular text files on it. All the log box functions work when you are offline.

• after much soul searching, I have finally decided to add this capability to the main chat window. If you drop a clipping with multiple lines, they will all be displayed, and sent straight down the±wire. You've been warned. Enough folks asked me about this for me to seriously consider it.

the±wire tries to be clever about the text you drop, code should remain well formed, etc, making it easy enough for someone at the other end to retrieve bits easily enough. I'd still recommend sending bigger text files with drag-n-send™ The chat window is really just for chat (which is why the input box has a set limit)

A sad day; I removed the cute "try here" when you drop files into the chat. Now the±wire just loads them up in the dns window, saving you dragging them twice. Makes sense, sure, but the dns window popping up and saying "try here" always gave me a wee thrill. I might do a pref, heheh.

note: if you drop text files directly into the chat, they will be displayed in the log box. if you want to send them over the±wire instead, drop them directly into the drag-n-send™ window. (apple/ctrl-d)

• I added font and font size menus to the log box, you don't need to hack the plist to alter those now. There's a small time penalty at startup, I guess, as it populates these menus, milliseconds.

° Fixed a bug where if you received a file and had the "dns stays put" setting enabled, there was no "parent" folder for the file, and moving left/right/etc would crash the±wire.

° Fixed the bug in windoze builds where the±wire wouldn't enter an autowait state if you had the log box showing.

• Finally got the windoze builds to accept dragged files. Now you billy-goats can drag and drop most filetypes onto the drag-n-send™ window, even the main chat window. You can also drop text files into the chat/log box windows to be displayed, and even drag text from other apps. have fun!

° Fixed some of the weirdness on the windoze log box. It shouldn't wobble about now, much. It still wont go where it was put, though.

° Fixed the executable files rejection. Everything gets reset properly now. note: you can still send excecutables, but both parties must hack their plists to do it. This is to prevent possible vulnerabilities on the windoze platform

• Added the facility to store your "wirefiles" in a different folder (a.k.a custom location). You might not want that on the desktop.

for now..


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