° fixed loads of bugs in the dns window and the file transfer itself, and some other stuff too. there were a couple of real nasty ones. removed the ability to send a file straight back. I mean, how crazy is that? Of course, if you drag it from your wirefiles folder into the drag-n-send™ window, you can send it like any other file, if you really must.

• added a progress bar for the file transfers, useful for large transfers, though it has a tendency to freak out with very big files (50MB+), giving information like "transfer -37% complete". (that's MINUS!) erm..

• added the facility (for the sender) to cancel a transfer in progress

• chunked the send data (5k chunks), which should make large transfers much more reliable over slow networks. You also get the user interface back now! *grin*

• the±wire will now report in the chat window when files are being sent and received, and again when receive is complete. name and size (rounded up to the nearest kb)is also reported.


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