• Improved text handling throughout the±wire, adding stuff we like, like "select all" for the text input field and chat areas. This allows you, amongst other things, to easily throw a whole session onto the desktop as a text clipping. Also, we now strip the very last endofline character from drag-and-dropped text (have added a pref for this too, so you can switch it off if you mostly drag multiple chat clippings into say, a text document) so now it doesn't mess up the input box when dropped in there, neater for desktop clippings too. Text behaviour inside the input box is expanded and more intuitive also.

• you can now change your nick in the middle of a chat, simply open the login window and pick/type another. Your nick will only change if you click the "done" button. Closing the window by any other means will leave your nick as it is.

This can also be accomplished with a standard IRC nick change command..

/nick foo

would change your nickname to "foo".

This is the preferred method (I might even drop the other)

Note: for obvious reasons, you cannot use the same nick as the person you are chatting to! Don't even try!


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