More bugfixing (and still many to go) It is now not possible to wait and connect at the same time. oops!

The sockets are much more robust and predictable now, for example; disconnections trigger the correct sequence of events, rather than just dropping off.

Fixed the chinese text (encoding) issue. At least, it looks fixed; we'll see what happens the first time somebody chinese tries to use the±wire ;o) Dragging text from either chatbox or log box will drop good old normal text with nice UTF-8 encoding. It's still not perfect yet though; in truth, I don't really understand the whole text encoding thing, I'll dig around and fix this proper when I get the time.

• we can now link a nickname to a buddy, so that when you recall a buddy from the buddylist, your linked nickname is inserted automatically. To link a nickname to a buddy, simply enter something into the nick field before you save the buddy entry, when you recall the buddy, the nick will be recalled too, but I just said that. As well as helping us to manage our multiple personalities, this reduces the whole connexion to a near one-click process (two if you click "connect" instead of just hitting [enter]). Just gotta hope someone hasn't already patented "communication this bloody easyTM"

• improved metal window dragging (mac only). Now the window won't go outside the screen (erm). You can still use the standard dragging areas (title bar and very edges) to move windows outside the left/bottom/right edges, but clicking on the non-handle parts will snap the window fully back into your screen. pretty neat.

This has a bonus side effect: if you do a drag-move on the main window while you are waiting to connect (the gear is spinning) the main window will shoot off in that direction. Fool around with that, can be fun.


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