website sync 0.7

Now that my Linux box is back to work, I've taken the opportunity to update and improve a few things, the website synchronizer script was one of them.

The "two machine" version is now known as the "Linux" version, and although it's easy enough to get it using two machines, so long as the backup is on a physically separate hard drive there's no security issue. It doesn't matter to a script what or where a particular mount point really is, so long as it can read and write to it.

At any rate, I've simplified its operation, made it easier to configure and customise, and if you have a Linux/Unix/BSD/etc box on your LAN, I recommend you grab this version

The single-machine (mac) version remains essentially unchanged. It's designed with a single OS X user in mind, but should work well enough on any *nix/posix platform. The main difference is that it uses tar to create the backup and all-important log file. The linux version uses cp, which sucks on a mac.

ahh.. my mirror and website are one


ps.. there's also a minor fix (0.8rc2) release for corz distro machine, some thingie I'd forgotten.

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