corzblog and cbparser

I'm still working away on the new corzblog ßeta (and cbparser, of course) whenever I get the chance. here's how things are shaping up..

v2.4 beta 1

  • took advantage of cbparser's new balance tags functionality. now if a blogger leaves unalanced bbcode or html tags in their post, corzblog will tell them so at the preview and post stages, offer them a chance to fix it.

  • altered the rss 1.0 validation linkback to un-htmlencoded. hopefully they've made up their mind nowsmiley for :erm:

  • moved the sidebar links and titles into the preferences, easier to edit.

  • after a seccessful edit of the about page, the link and auto-jump go directly tothat page, instead of the main blog. it will, in fact, take you directly to whatever article you were editing. editing standard blogs now does the same thing. neat.

  • added a preference for the font size in the edit area

  • made all the documentation 100% cbparser compliant! I did most of it when cbparser was in its infancy, and just dropped raw html in where I needed it. cbparser does it all now, even the tables, so this entire page (the one you are reading right now) is created entirely with bbcode! if you edit any of these atricles (or rather, attempt to), you can see the bbcode for yourself.

    cbparser changes(also apply to corzblog)

  • added extra cell types for the table tags. namely [c5]: 50% wide cell; [c5l]: same, aligned left [c5r]: and right [c2]: colspan=2 (takes up two columns); [c3]: or three colums; [c4]: or four columns. close them all with a standard [/c] tag.

  • three new flavours of horizontal rule..

    [hr] standard, 70% wide, centered spacer

    [hr2] 50 pixels wide, left

    [hr3] 100 pixels wide, left

    [hr4] 150 pixels wide, left

    I use this under the titles in the version history you are reading right now, amongst other things. I use these ones a fair bit.

  • a [mid]middle tag[/mid] for putting things in the middle, i.e. centred. if you need any more tags, let me know!

  • html2bb conversion now correctly handles backslashes "\".

  • addedDemiCode™. what this means is, you can use pretty much any html tag by simply replacing the "<" symbol with a "[", and the ">" with a "]", and you will get valid html. you can do [h3]type three heeader[/h3] tags like that now.

    For instance, even though there is no [center] tag in cbparser, as such, this.. [center][b]this will be centered[b][/center] .. works just fine..

    this will be centered

    it feels like I'm opening a can of worms with this feature. we'll see. if it all works out, I can dump nice wee chunk of code from cbparser.

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