cbparser (super anti-casino version!)

well well well, it seems the buggers just drop in plain <a href= type links. a small addition to the code of our favourite bbcode parser deals with that. ladies and gents, I present to you.. cbparser 0.5.8 SUPER anti-casino spammer version!

I added another cute feature, too. it's called "spammer preview". what you do is, just before calling the bb2html() function, you set..
$spammer_preview = true;
and you'll get back a "mock" preview, which looks, to the spammer, like all the links will work just fine. but when they actually post.. hahahah!

This is all just in fun. in reality, I think I'm just gonna start deleting casino spam altogether. Great site! Yeah thanks. It's bots! I tell ya! bots! You can program a bot to do almost anything. Ask anyone who's ever spent five minutes on iChat with weeegary. crazy.

okay, bring it on casino boys! bots, whatever.

for now..


ps.. cbparser direct download here.
pps.. I had to edit in these links BY HAND!smiley for :ken:

ppps.. I added pop-up titles for the smileys, too. it's been bugging me. usual story for editing old blogs (does anyone do this?), you'll get the old structure in your browser; simply re-insert the tag if you want the new features.

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