nah, I'm not going to do a karma-style treatise on synchronicity, well, at least not today; you'll have to wait for that one.


That was the word, it all happened at once. What! What! What?

An email, a corzoogle, and finally, most importantly.. my random word from corzblog footer. Has anyone noticed this? I thought it would be a cute idea, even though it adds a few milliseconds to page generation times, to throw up a new random word from my blog for each page hit. it's in the footer of my regular pages.

As well as leading folks to my blog, I figured it would make each page hit unique, even repeated hits on the same page. Anyone who knows anything about seo will instantly recognise this as a stroke of genius. A topic I will doubtless cover another day. Genius; kinda like a database it is, anyway..

The email subject was "What?" and it was about my distro machine. I switched to corzoogle to check out if what the email said was true (it was), and there, in the "recent searches", the most recent search.. "What?". Although I mostly don't spot the random word (because I'll be intently looking elsewhere on my pages, working on them) I did this time, and was stunned to see that the random word for this page hit was also.. What.

Of course I said out loud, in astonished tones.. "WHAT!?!"

Which is surprising really, because I've been cool with the incredible synchronicity of the universe since I was but a small child. What astonishes me, and logarhythmically more these last few years, is how computers are becoming part of the pattern. almost as if they have now advanced enough to be fit to play some higher role in the real (and by that I mean spiritual) affairs of man.

The "random word from corzblog" has been pulling off some pretty synchronistic feats these last few weeks, and I urge visitors not to pass over it like the silly add-on it appears to be; so far it has helped my make a few life-or-death decisions, not to mention pick a horse for last saturday's races. smiley for :lol: I'm kidding about the horse, I don't gamble, generally, but I don't doubt the random word generator is capable of such a thing, either.

I wonder, carelessly, if a system is used for higher things, like rendering my links page, for instance; does that raise the system's potential for revealing; or at least catalysing the realisation of; synchronistic truths, particularly if some form of random function is mixed into the equation.

Maybe I'll get some cannabis,
and do a little more work on this.

what else?

By request, I added an underline tag to cbparser, my bbcode to html to bbcode parser. Just shows you, clearly underlining is something I don't ever feel the need to do, but you can now, if you want to. I believe words underline themselves.

Checking my logs, I see I have updated over 200 separate onsite files in the last week, food for thought. Just as well I've got my website synchronizer script, or else I'd be up ftp creek without a client. If you develop websites, you might want to check that out. Not for windoze users, sorree.

interesting to note, also, that corzblog downloads have shot up since I had my wee rant, below. or was it the bug-fixes? heheh

for now..

:o) The Writing Entity @

ps.. careful reader will have spotted that I omitted at least two important pieces of information from the above blog. The first, a physical/technical matter; what was up with the distro machine? And the second; just what was so significant about the word "what"?

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