Another Beta release of checksum is available.

NOTE: to get version update notifications for beta releases, you need to enable the beta_channel preference.

New features..

++  Exit command..

	checksum can now launch another program/process/task on completion of
	its job.

	NOTE: you can use @tokens in this setting, including the new @exit
	token, which will transform into checksum's exit code, to pass to the

		exit_command=c:\path\to\my\app.exe /foo @exit

	There is also a special @fullpath token which you can use to insert the
	full path of the item that was originally sent to checksum, and
	@fullpathnounc, which does the same thing, except the path will NOT be
	a UNC-style path, e.g..

		@fullpath       = \\?\C:\path\to\my\stuff
		@fullpathnounc  = C:\path\to\my\stuff

	FYI, using the @item token would get you "stuff" in this example.

	You can enable processing of the exit command by either setting..


	.. in your ini file, or by passing the "0" switch on your command-line
	(zero, no quotes - think standard exit code). If it is enabled in your
	ini, you can temporarily disable it by passing "-0".

++  Custom blake2 extension. You might prefer "b2" or "blake2s" or something
	else. Simply set the blake_name preference..


++  Added count to final dialog, so you always know exactly how many files
	were hashed at-a-glance. I can't believe I didn't think of this! Thanks

+   Improved responsiveness of initial HotKey modifiers (Shift & Ctrl) so
	that one should only need to hold them down momentarily, as opposed to
	waiting for the options dialog (for example) to appear. Most people will
	probably not notice any difference.

*   Fixed an issue which caused checksum to crash when the max folders limit
	is reached. Of course, you could increase this in your checksum.ini, but
	still, it wasn't being handled. checksum will now automatically increase
	the folder limit if required.

~   Removed Max Folders preference (due to above - new automatic limit).

*   The "checksum was given nothing to do" dialog has been made *much*
	smaller and now always opens a web page in your browser with more help
	than can be fit into a dialog window. (it tells you it has done this).
	With the advent of the new startup command facility (v1.5.2.0+), I
	expect less people will be seeing that dialog, anyway.

Full details in the itstory.

You can grab this latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

for now.


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