checksum 1.4.5

The hits just keep on coming..

~   When queueing multiple items in Explorer with the <SHIFT> key held down,
	checksum will now apply whatever options you set for the /first/ item to
	the /entire/ queue. If you would prefer to have the options dialog pop
	up for each item (the old behaviour), set this new preference..


	When set to true (the default), checksum will also automatically check
	the "quiet operation" checkbox for you (if quiet operation is not
	already enabled), to prevent multiple final dialogs (if enabled) from
	popping up; assuming you want minimal interaction with the jobs. Of
	course, you can deselect this if you really want to see (and click!)
	/all/ the final dialogs.

+   checksum will now check how much free space is left on the target drive
	before beginning to write a hash file. If it estimates that the drive
	will run out of space before completion, it will halt with an error to
	that effect before it begins writing hashes.

	Note: checksum will err /slightly/ on the side of caution in its

+   When creating root hash files with absolute paths, you can now choose to
	either always store UNC-style paths in your .hash file (the default) or
	not. If you set..


	.. checksum will use old-style paths for short paths and switch to
	UNC-style paths for long paths (that is, paths with more than 259
	actual characters).

	Note: checksum works with UNC-style paths internally so setting this to
	true will be slightly (microseconds) faster when writing each hash.

+   The tray ToolTip will now display some basic information about what
	checksum is doing, for those that prefer to run with the ToolTip Windoid
	disabled (which is faster when dealing with lots of small files).

~   Optimized the non-hash file test and hash file line counting routines.
	Every millisecond counts!

*   Fixed an issue where dropping multiple files onto checksum's one-shot
	create options dialog input where one or more of the files had no
	extension would produce an incorrect entry in the masks list, i.e. "*.".

*   Fixed a bug where choosing to show absolute paths in root .hash files
	created from the root of a drive would not show their UNC-style prefix.
	checksum can handle this just fine, but it was inconsistent with
	absolute path root hashes produced from some path deeper inside the
	drive (which do show the UNC-style prefix). Also, other hashing apps
	would most likely choke on long path with no UNC prefix, that is, if
	there were any other hashing apps that could handle long paths to begin

*   Fixed a bug in the show_unc_paths preference, which was being partly
	ignored when set to true.

*   Fixed a bug in recognizing single "piped" hashes with no line-breaks.

*   Fixed a bug where selecting multiple files to hash directly after an
	upgrade could scramble checksum's ini file. Of course there was a backup
	made, but still. Ouch!

*   Fixed a bug in the version checking routines - unless you had already
	set the interval (in the release version or manually) you would never
	get the option to do so!

You can grab this latest checksum (and simple checksum) beta from the usual place.

Please test, Test, TEST!

for now..


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