KDE-Mover-Sizer 2.8

Thanks (again) to the sterling work of Matthias Ihmig, KDE-Mover-Sizer sees another significant version bump. It's been a while since I blogged about it, so here's most of the highlights since 1.3..

- Added hotkey (default: mouse wheel) to bring window into foreground automatically

- Added option to Show Window content or just a frame when dragging a window

- Lock horizontal and vertical movements: While moving or resizing,
  (release and) hold Shift to constrain the mouse movements to a single axis.

- Added option to disable Double-Alt shortcuts
- Added option to automatically bring moved/resized windows into foreground
- Added Taskbar balloons with hints on how to use functions for many options & functions
- Script is now reloaded automatically after closing INI editor
- Use ESC to abort moving & resizing and restore the original window state

- QuickPosition: Press and hold Control during Resizing/Moving to snap and resize window onto screen edge
  or into screen center in different sizes. While moving or resizing, (release and) hold Alt (default),
  then move the mouse around.

- Windows can now be added to an "Ignore Window" list
  (e.g. for Remote Desktop or Photoshop). Windows on that list will not be moved or resized, but keys and
  clicks passed through. This allows you to use KDE-Mover-Sizer on a remote machine. Or just use the native
  shortcut keys of any application.

- Added configurable hotkeys (based on jlr's version) for mouse and keyboard.

  It's now possible to redefine L/M/RButton and associated control keys There are a few presets (swap mouse
  buttons and Alt, Ctrl+Shift, Ctrl+Alt, LWin, AltGr key) Edit them directly in the INI file for more
  variations in Section [Hotkeys] See here for modifier key symbols:


  Known limitation:

    DoubleKey_Hotkey2 (if DoubleAltShortcuts are enabled) must be identical to
    (or part of) the Moving&ResizingWindow_Hotkey.

- New Special features:

	o Toggle windows flag "always on top" to always keep windows above others.
		Useful to keep small windows (e.g. calculator) always in the foreground To restore "normal" window
		behavior, toggle windows flag again

	o Colour Picker: Show RGB+HSV colour of pixel(s) under cursor as tooltip or balloon (configurable)
		Copy to clipboard with right mousebutton
		Abort with ESC
		Use Control/Shift to get colour average of 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7 pixels around cursor

	o "Draw Grid" with Control+Alt+Right mousebutton to overlay a golden ratio, 3x3 or 4x4 grid.
	  . Use Ctrl, Shift or both to toggle the type of grid
	  . Use Right click or ESC to abort
	  . Position, Size, length of diagonal and ratio of grid is shown in Tooltip or balloon (configurable)
	  . HINT: Move the tooltip with Alt+Left(default moving hotkey) mouse button to new destination and
		confirm with Right click. This position will be used the next time.
	  . Edit INI to change how grid looks,
		e.g. for a thinner 2px black grid, set:

	DrawGridColour=Black and DrawGridGUIOptions=-Border and DrawGridWidth=2

	o Insert Special Character with hotkey.
	  Can be used to define keyboard shortcuts to insert special characters from foreign languages
	  . Example: Press AltGr + c to enter French cedille
	  . Configuration: Edit .INI File, Section [SpecialCharacters]
		  Add new SpecialCharactersTrig_# & SpecialCharactersChar_#
		  Increment SpecialCharacters_Num
		  See here for trigger key symbols: http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm
	. Max. Number of custom keys: 15

		Known Limitations:
	. only works for ASCII/ANSII character set. No Unicode (UTF-8/UTF-16/...)!
	. if Mover-Sizer hotkey is Ctrg+Alt, it collides with SpecialCharacter Hotkey AltGr

	o Hide Special features from menu
	  Edit INI file and set entries in Section [AddOns] to 0

More details on the KDE-Mover-Sizer page.

for now..


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