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Clearly, something is very wrong with this blog. So, I aim to plant a tree somewhere in the wide lush valley between working furiously and telling you nothing, and doing nothing but tell you what I'm doing. Then I'll water it, I guess.

These days, I'm pretty much always on Linux. This is, in itself, a technical challenge, sadly. And as we brave souls canter along the path towards making Linux the best operating system on the planet; which it will be, or something very very like it; I plan to expand the remit here to encompass at least some of these meanderings. Yeah, I mean Linux tips. Because that loopy arrow was starting to annoy even me!1

Having finally exhausted my Slackware fetish in favour of something with a decent-sized userbase, foolproof package management system, and "funcy" graphical boot-up, I find myself in Kubuntu, which is that so-popular distro, "Ubuntu", except with a "K" in front of it. And as all cyberworldy geekoids know, when a word has a "K" arbitrarily slapped in front of it, it can only mean one thing... it's been KDE-ified.

KDE is the best desktop environment on the planet at this time, syat. This is attracting some excellent software, and todays tip, or should I say... <trumpet> "Todaaaaays Tip", is..

Not really a tip at all, just a simple recommendation.

You know how uTorrent is the best Torrent client on the planet, right? Well, some dudes took it, copied it, and made it even better; added plugin functionality, the works! They also took out the "u", and guess what letter they stuck in there instead? That's right!

So if you want the really really best Torrent Client, go KDE, and install kTorrent.


ps. actually, depending on your needs, there is another torrent client which could be considered better than kTorrent. But it's also for Linux, so there!

1. If all goes to plan, you may never know what I mean by that!

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