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Once you write it, that's it, it exists, and there's almost no going back. Once you release it, there's no going back. And you have to maintain it, and support it. And so it goes. There's lots of code I haven't released, and that, mainly, is why.

But there's lots I have, and lots more about to come your way, but first the org, and our new host. Having dropped completely off Google and similar (it took almost six months!), I reckon it's a good time to do some reorganizing, and with that in mind, I've started moving things around just for the hellofit; okay, I do have a plan..

The eventual goal is absolute simplicity, and meanwhile investing time creating "things that run themselves". Currently, I'm working on getting the downloads from all the distro machines (now a funky xhtml-spewing entity) scattered around the place, into one single place. While getting it xhtml-compliant, I also made it infinite-depth capable, which was the most requested feature; in other words; you can have folders of files inside folders of files inside folders and so on. This has opened up a few possibilities for me, too.

It all works great, though I still have to create some cute CSS for the various pages onsite that use its embedded menu and source display services, so that it also looks great on those pages. You can still access it directly via the old short link.. /engine, and hopefully, most of the old URL's will work just fine. If not, I'm sure the new-and improved 404 page will get your man, so to speak.

Oh yeah, I added fuzzy searching to the "oh-so-clever 404 handler", along with some other improvements. In fact, lots of site code has been upgraded in my local mirror, and awaits upload; a process that has begun.

I'll get a distro of the new 404, and the distro machine itself, as well as all the other updated bits (oh poor corzblog downloaders!) ASAP, which is a lovely acronym; explicitly urgent, and yet, in reality meaning "perhaps never". smiley for :lol: No, really… Everything in time, and let's face it, there are worse ways to learn patience than waiting for a software release.

I have a few new windows applications in their final stages, too. I fixed checksum's two major bugs (thanks beta-testers!) and I'm gearing up for a proper beta release (those that have mailed to be a checksum beta tester but didn't make it into the first batch will likely get a mail soon, hopefully with a regular URL in it).

I've been using checksum continually for months now, and I just know you're going to love using this not-brain-dead file hashing utility for windows. While you are waiting for a download, you can whet your appetite, here.

I also made a clock. This might seem like a trivial thing, but I have a problem with appointments, and have searched for a long time to find a clock that a) was cool, b) had alarms and reminders, c) could be small and semi-transparent, so that it could stay on my desktop, d) could play custom audio alerts, e) has customizable schemes, f) and so on. So I wrote it. Or rather, I found some code on the AutoIt forum; a thing called "Analog Clock"; basic, but with at least three things I was looking for; and raped the code.

I like AutoIt, so I grabbed the free source for Analog Clock and got to work. A couple of furious days of coding later, corz clock was finished. I've been running it ever since, maturing the code all the while, adding new features as I think of them, fixing stuff, and after more than a month of this, it's about ready for an airing methinks. I might do that on the AutoIt forum, actually. Seems fair. I have a page for it here, in progress, so expect a proper distro sometime soon..

an image
While I was creating my clock, I needed a color chooser. The system's built-in chooser annoys in so many ways, and there just isn't a decent AutoIt color chooser out there. You know the next bit, right?

Enter " color pickin chooser", possibly the coolest color chooser on planet earth..
an image

I'm not even going to go there, for now. Suffice to say it does everything I wanted and a whole lot more, is available as a stand-alone application or include for your own AutoIt applications, and will be available soon.

Which is starting to sound familiar smiley for :blank:
for now..


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