corzoogle.. XHTML at last!

A few days ago, the /corzoogle/ part of the site went all cool and clean XHTML, which of course, was an early warning sign of, yup, you guessed it, a new corzoogle release... <fanfare>

The idea of thousands of corzoogles spitting out nasty HTML4 was becoming too much to bear, and so the beta section has wrapped its luvvin arms around a fresh and sweet-smelling new zip with the equally sweet-smelling corzoogle beta in it. Juicy details, current changes, info, links, downloads and all that jazz can be had from the usual place..

As well as the strict XHTML output, position and style is 100% CSS, so you can have your corzoogle looking, well, however you like. A sample css file is provided, and you can always grab mine, though note, these change, depending on what browser you use, in other words, don't grab my CSS files with Internet Explorer!. There are a few other improvements over the previous release, too; full details at the above link.

for now..


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