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With pride and some jubilation, I am overly pleased to announce the release of cbparser 1.0, the all-new, 100% xhtml compliant, css styled bbcode parser for the masses.

cbparser still does bbcode to html and back to bbcode translation, but now the html has a nice X in front of it, that is, XHTML 1.0 Strict, to be precise, which it is.

Producing 100% strict xhtml compliant code was the motivation, but I didn't stop there. There's loads more tags, support for a wide range of email bbcode, improved anti-spam capabilities, XSS and CSRF attack prevention, InfiniTag™ support, and much much more.

What are InfiniTags™, you ask. Simply put, you can enter any and all regular html tags as bbcode, essentially replacing the akward <angle brackets> with handy [square brackets]. So although there are no actual table tags in cbparser, you could easily create tables using [table], [tr], [td], etc, or indeed any tag you like, like this strike tag, which doesn't actually exist (now deprecated in HTML5 -ed).

The parser comes with its own GUI (front-end) which you can see in operation in all the comment facilities and blog pages here at corz.org, or just click "edit blog" in the sidebar. You simply call the function from your page, and TADA! instant bbcode entry form, with javascript buttons and dials included. If that wasn't cool enough, cbparser will also automatically recognise and convert any legacy bbcode you might happen to edit, and all you php hackers out there can do your stuff most elegantly with the Cool Colored Code™ tag performing automatic coloured syntax highlighting! Very cute.

Feel free to check out cbparser's built-in demo page, right here. (yup, you get that, too, along with stylesheet, ul images, the neat cbguide -with javascript buttons, menus, smileys and even an undo facility! - as well as the lovely, totally portable javascript functions that drive the guide) and MUCH MORE! I had to add that smiley for :ken:

The updated bbtags page will keep you and your users on the right track, and I aim to keep it in sync with cbparsers new tags and features at all times, feel free to link to it from wherever you like; it's a permanent feature.

Okay, I've had enough of this blog, download and see for yourself!

for now..


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