raising the bar

Well HELLO illusionfxnet! Or should I say "HELO". That's right! corz.org now has a working mail server! w00h00! Expect lots of email type add-ons for all my website spare parts™.

corzoogle already had an "email webmaster" function (which works superbly *phew*), and I plan to expand on that. let me know your feeling about this, the kinds of things you'd like to see.

I guess this means I'm going to have to get around to that newsletter, God knows there's enough to tell you. where to begin? all over the place, as usual, so many new opportunities now, so many things possible that were previously impossible. Little things, like GD2 instead of GD1, php 4.3 instead of php4.2, make all the difference.

The bar is being raised! If you're using one of my programs on some antique web server, like the one corz.org used to be on, then UPGRADE! Do it NOW! Or the next release simply won't work for you!

so much to do..


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