Awoke with a start today (waking people with a start is illegal in some countries, you know. mellow flutes are acceptable), clunk of someone coming in the door. I don't think she quite expected me to leap naked into the lobby like that, (sorry angie, hahah) but I was inspired; a cute idea for the drag-n-send™ window, so I..

• added an auto-advance timer.

while browsing dns-style, hit 'a' and a slideshow will begin, starting at the current image; hit 'a' again to stop it. You can set the time each image displays for in the..

• new preferences dialog. the old window was starting to get a bit, erm, long; thought I might take the opportunity to reorganize things in there. anyhow, prefs are now arranged into logical groups. you'll see what I mean.

• back to the auto-advance slideshow thingie; it has a hidden feature. Once the slideshow starts ('A' or 'a'), if you press the left arrow/keypad-4, the slideshow goes in reverse; you can make it go forward again with the right arrow/keypad-6.

Oh, and if you press pageup/pagedown during slideshow, rather than move one image at a time, it will 'jump' by whatever value you have set as your jump value. pageup moving you backwards, pagedown moving you forwards. doing left or right takes you back to moving one file at a time. The title bar will let you know what mode you are in at any given time.

note: the 'jump' editfield is automatically deactivated by moving the mouse outside of the dns window, and if you are fullscreen and that's not possible, pressing <enter> has the same effect, returning keyboard control back to the quick-keys.

All the other quick-keys work during the auto-advance, too, you can even go in and out of folders while the it's running, it'll just follows you around, auto-advancing all-the-way. clever stuff.

note: if drag-n-send™ is enabled while you are auto-advancing, the slideshow will run at the other end of the±wire too! cool! If you don't want this to happen, switch it off before you begin!

• cleaned up a few of the drag-n-send™ window's display operations. It should a) flash less on non-mac platforms b) remember it's size, and if you lock it; stay locked at that size, and c) show images faster. There's no visible difference on OS X builds, it was already fast, but the windoze OS lacks some of the things we take for granted on the mac.

note: hitting the <enter> key (or <return>) does the same as "o", that is, opens the file in its associated application. On windoze, that means it will open with whatever application you have setup to respond to the "Open" in your explorer context menu.

I find this easier than "o", though the old "o" - (opens in graphicsconverter) - Apple-G (fullscreen preview), was kinda like "Oh Gee!" for images I wanted to see fullscreen. Windoze users, I recommend you install IrfanView as your default image viewer. Then <enter><enter> would do the same thing. (enter is fullscreen on irfan, the best image viewer for windows - similar to graphicsconverter on the mac - and <esc><esc> would take you right back to the drag-n-send™ window, handy)

Gathering folder contents is still slower on windoze than it is on a mac, like four times slower, I'll be looking into this.

for now..


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