okay, I trashed the EasyTCP class and put together a new protocol, this will allow us room to expand, especially when we want to drop files and images over the±wire.

started to add some basic image facilities. You can drag an image into the chat and it will be displayed in a window. Don't try to send it across the±wire yet, it will crash the other computer! (maybe I'll disable that button for now) more to come.

Of course, the±wire is now useful as a handy image viewer.

• added a facility to customise the ports. you may have your own reasons for wanting to do this.

• Added a menu for the font size. Some people can't see very clearly, apparently. Font menu next!

• I moved the default prefs files to inside application bundle on OSX, so no one has to even see them. much neater. pity (*sigh*, again) there's no windows equivalent.


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