wire_v0.6 (private beta release)

Fixed a few more bugs. (do I need to write that? there's always bugs!)

• Added a pop-up list to the nickname too, now the super-lazy can store commonly-used nicknames in a pop-up menu as well as their buddies!

• The new login window has a fairly dynamic approach. Say, for instance you connect to someone, and there is no response. If you open the login window and choose a new buddy, you will immediately (on your next connexion retry, whenever you have that set for) connect to the new buddy. This makes it easy for the extremely bored to run through their buddylist until they find someone available.

• We can now drag-and-drop text directly into the chat window to send it straight down the±wire. This is especially useful for dropping URL's to a remote copy of the±wire. (i.e using a copy of FlashGet, or iGetter (or some other downloader that monitors the clipboard) and a connected copy of the±wire; simply switch on autocopy™TM at the other end and drag links into your chatbox! Hey presto! a fully automatic downloading station!)

This drag-and-drop stuff works on windoze too, dragging text from apps that support it, textpad does, and an increasing amount of other apps too. You can also drop Mac text clippings straight into the chatbox, even URL shortcut files, the sort you get if you drag a URL onto the desktop.

Note; only the first line of text is displayed, though in fact the entire clip is read and passed along the±wire, whatever you drop. Causes havoc with text encodings.


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