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corzoogle and corz distro machine get more bits chopped off and glued on..


v0.7.5b3 Nov 2004
fixed a bug I introduced in 0.7.5b1, where certain queries, matching words right at the end of the text could preduce unexpected results, usually putting the entire page into the preview.

fixed a minor bug where certain documents could potentially be scored twice for their filename.

added facility to set initial scoring weight in a multiple-query term.

added switch to force corzoogle to only search documents containing your chosen $search_between tags, particularly for folks that use custom $search_between tags.

v0.7.5b2 Nov 2004
added "notify" facility for searches. you can be emailed every time someone searches your site! you might want to put a filter on that!

this facility is disabled by default, and completely untested; please report back any interesting findings.

$search_between tags can now be case-insensitive, if you need that.

corz distro machine..

the distro machine now prevents users from attempting "multi-part" downloads. why some folks would want to download a 50k zip file in five parts is beyond me, anyway, the first part will work fine, any subsequent attempts will get a wee message instead. in this event, the user also has an opportunity to reset their download session maunually (just in case) by pressing a button.

the beta engine apologises for it's brief spell in the wilderness yesterday, effin syndicator!


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