corzoogle and distro machine ßetas..

I didn't have enough time yesterday to write an update, but Idid have enough time to upload new betas of corzoogle and corz distro machine.


v0.7.5b1 Nov 2004
small performance improvements when searching for queries with -not words

"search between" tags can be case-sensitive (default) or case-insensitive, the latter is marginally slower, but potentially useful.

corz distro machine..


added "show all files" option. this bypasses your extensions prefs and shows *everything*. i needed this for something.

added an admin logout button for menu pages. as it stood, you could be logged onto a secure machine as admin, and so automatically cleared for access to the secure area, there was no indicator that this was because you were logged in as an admin, which could potentially lead to confusion ;o)

added direct link to the admin/stats page from the secure area login page. this saves you having to login twice, and prevents a double logout too! the link operates like, and is controlled by the same settings as, the "stats link".

please report any bugs/weirdness to the usual place


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