cbparser (anti-casino version)

I decided to add a totally new feature to my super-cool (no it's silly really) bbcode parser...casino-spam (bot) blocking!

it doesn't block them as such, what happens is, if the poster uses the word "casino" anywhere in their post, their insidious links are altered to instead point to your root. like this..

oh! something has happened to this link.. my hoopy casino site
[url="http://www.casino.com"]my hoopy casino site[/url]
spam away!


ps.. having said and done all that, casino spam seems to be a good indicator of a page's popularity, PR rating, whatever,and another reason I don't have a comments section on my actual blog!smiley for :ken:

pps.. this feature is optional, a switch is inside the bbcode parser itself.
default:  $effin_casinos = true;

pps.. I think I'll drop some of this post into the cbparser comments…

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