If you are upgrading corzblog, the easiest method is to download the latest source code from here..


This download is automatically generated from my own current development source and contains no "data", so it won't overwrite your preferences if you simply drop the whole thing over your existing blog installation.

NOTE: if you have edited you "original" theme, remove that from the distribution before dropping into place, or you will lose your customizations.

By Hand..

If you would prefer to do things manually, from the latest stable, full release, what do is..

  • From the new distribution, delete the the following folders..


    and files..

       (if you customized it)

    basically, you don't want to replace all the .blog files and preferences you have created yourself.
  • upload the remaining new files into your webspace, replacing all the previous versions of the files.
  • that's it! (really I could of just said "replace everything except your blog files and prefs")

ßeta lovers..

If you are messing with the latest beta, note, some of the prefs have been simplified/altered. This may cause things to temporarily break (for example, a custom site header won't show). However, corzblog has a mechanism to upgrade your preferences semi-automatically, for example, if your custom header preference once read "/var/www/vhosts/mysite/httpdocs/includes/header.php", will now simply read "/includes/header.php".

Go to your prefs (configure link) one time and hit save, everything will correct itself.

Some of the variable names have changed in the default styles, too, to make things clearer, more simple, etc. In particular, many color variables now have "color" in their name. "warning" is now "warning_color", and so on.

You probably have your own variables and such, so depending on your style sheet, this may or may not be an issue.

Note: the spelling highlighting preference has been removed from the configuration panel, you can set that in your styles along with the other colors. Because it is an "essential style", corzblog will insert a default value (yellow) if you omit the color from your scheme.

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