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welcome to corzblog!

This document attempts to provide all the information you need to get corzblog up and running on your website or personal server. Usually it's trivially easy - simply drop-in-and-blog.

what is corzblog?

It is blogging software, a specialized form of content-management system that runs on a php-enabled web server, enabling you to easily maintain a Web Log, or "blog", which is an online journal of sorts, a.k.a. diary. It can be whatever you want it to be, even the CMS for your entire web site. Essentially, it allows mere mortals to produce beautiful HTML documents. In the case of corzblog III, that would be lovely (X)HTML5.

You can create and edit your blogs from anywhere online using a standard web browser; on the road, in an internet café, wherever (and pajamas login security so those browser's won't remember you when you are gone, among other benefits). All styling is achieved with easy-to-use bbcode. No HTML knowledge required.


  • Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use CMS/blogging software.
  • No Database Required! No MySQL! corzblog uses plain text files.
  • Secure. With pajamas authentication and full SSL support.
  • Easy Setup.. Usually corzblog is drop-in-and-blog simple to get up and running.
  • Standards-Compliant. corzblog produces beautiful, (X)HTML5 documents.
  • Accessible. Even the funky preferences will run happily without JavaScript enabled, and keyboard navigation is completely intuitive with logically grouped tabbing order.
  • Mobile-ready. corzblog has always been adaptive, now it's even more responsive! it's all in the dynamically generated CSS.
  • Many of corzblog's features (e.g. spell-checker, scheme editor, bbcode parser and more) also work fine as stand-alone web apps, running inside whatever web software, even if it's not corzblog.
  • Hacker's delight! Everything is coded to be hacked. Or not. it's lovely as it is!
  • And much more!

The page you are reading right now was created with corzblog. The "blog.." menu in the sidebar allows readers to jump directly to the various entries. With a wide range of useful features, it's perfectly at home creating technical manuals, version histories, all-sorts. I spotted a site using it for a glossary system. A large amount of the copy on was created with corzblog. It makes HTML easy™.

The style of corzblog is completely customizable, I just have a thing about orange.

to run, you will need:

  • space on a web server running PHP
  • a web browser
  • something to say

While not essential, to make full use of corzblog, it is useful to have JavaScript enabled in your web browser. Most rational people do, at least for the sites they trust. Standards-compliant, command-line browsers like lynx work just fine.

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