Clove Oil

This here blog is so I never again forget CLOVE OIL.

Because this is the second time this exact thing has happened. Toothache. Okay, that's happened more than once, but specifically, toothache and then after getting fed-up of swilling cold water around it continually, I take a pain killer.

This never works, so what do I do? Take another. This one has Codeine in it. Take too many of these and I need to start drinking prune juice or painfully give up shitting.

This also never works. After a spell of thinking, "Fuck me! Why hasn't that painkiller kicked in yet?", I remember that consumer-grade, even medical grade painkillers don't work on toothache (unless you go for the top-shelf stuff). Nothing does. Except..

I remember the last time I had toothache and the miraculous relief I got from rubbing some Clove Oil on it with a cotton bud and head to the bathroom. Previously I had recalled my mum doing a similar thing to me as a kid.

Three minutes later I'm back at my desk 100% pain free thinking, "Why do I torture myself like this?"


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