More obvious shit I should not need to point out..

Ever call a corporation, bank, utility company, government office, shop or business?

Yes. Of course.

Then their telephone system took control. This is good tech. You need to sort the calls, route them to the best destination.

After this phase you move to being put on hold (because staff are expensive and at some point you will likely hang up). And this is where the tech gets evil.

Today I have been joyously (sarcasm) informed that things are particularly busy but that within around ten minutes my call will be dealt with. So what do I get to listen to, on speaker, for ten minutes?

Ring Tones

For fucking real? And, wait for it, interrupted every thirty seconds with a badly compressed message of a grimacing female informing me that things are particularly busy right now but still she expect my call to be answered "shortly".

Or that all the agents are currently busy and again, my call will be answered "shortly", which means around 10-60 minutes.

No one likes ring tones, whichever end you're at.

Or their favourite piece of classical music twisted into some ear-fucking continual crescendo.

Or ring tones. Ring tones is waiting. And waiting. And waiting.


The other day it was no-fade-in madly compressed elevator muzak turned up to 11.5. And so on.

This is all completely mental. What we obviously need to be hearing is..


This isn't only good for the caller, but the telephone operator at the other end about to get an earful of WHY-THE-FUCKFUCK?!?

It's so completely obvious and yet no one does it. Why?

You would think all these blue-chip companies and government departments would have been on it, binaural beats tech, the works, but no; stupid messages and audio designed to COMPLETELY FUCKING ANNOY.

It's almost like it's intentional.


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