After all that nonsense with Hespress1, I admit I've kept intentionally dark on the whole "Middle East Situation". However, after the events of the weekend I feel it's about time I let you know where I stand.

My position is very simple. I concur with international law; you have a legal right to resist your occupier. In fact, you are obliged to do so.

Now, I'm not saying I agree with the methods, but I can imagine what decades of brutal occupation can do to a people and just because the western world is either ignorant or complicit (or both) in the atrocities that have become normalised in the Israeli military, it doesn't mean I need to be.

I would, in an effort to foster a more balanced view of the situation, point you to Al Jazeera; a surprisingly good media outlet; maybe this or this would be a good place to start.

It's not easy reading if you used to being fed the usual "Holy" image of Israel. As Braintax says, "I hate Israel but I don't hate Israelis", or words to that effect. It's a vicious state, with a long history of doing nasty shit. Not that "Great Britain" (which Scotland is currently within) is much better; but as that history is more ancient, we like to think "we've come a long way since then", which to some extent is true.

Not so Israel. And even today, they are not alone. Around the world nations eradicate whole peoples and we just change channel. The Uyghurs, Albanians, right back to the Darfuri, the list goes on and on.

Blogging won't change that, of course, but it might encourage you to examine your assumptions and put yourself into the shoes of your average Palestinian in the Gaza Strip; living in fear of death, day in day out, watching your religious places desecrated, your friends and family tortured and killed. With no respite. Everyone has a breaking point.

Timing is everything, I guess. And planning. It's certainly useful that Iran can take six billion of funds they had earmarked for citizen welfare, medicine and such and immediately transfer it into supporting what may end up being a drawn-out campaign. Nice one USA!

And are we really supposed to believe that "Israeli Intelligence" had no clue this was brewing on their doorstep? As in MOSSAD. Yeah right.

What if instead Israel was behind it? Crack a few eggs, lose a few civilians, but BOOM! One huge opportunity to "cleanse" the Gaza Strip of all those nasty "militants" (and their friends and families) once and for all.

The world has looked the other way for decades while Israel blatantly broke international law, imprisoning and torturing an entire population; why should we expect anyone to take notice of the final stages of what looks increasingly like a meticulously planned ethnic cleansing? Even if it means wiping out millions of civilians in the process. "Well, we did tell them to get out of the way"

All they need is some "horrific" footage to show world leaders (in this century, getting cameras in useful places isn't even tradecraft any more) for ipso facto justification.

It's not the civilians they want out of the way, but foreign powers. Clever stuff.


1. Yet another fool took credit for "hacking" (my c99.php page is of course a gag). Like so many others, they had to go wipe egg off their face afterwards. In the interim, Hespress went to press without even checking the claim themselves. Also, is not an Israeli site, so, erm.. I didn't say all Palestinians were smart; I just said they are right to resist their brutal occupiers.

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