How to get a song out of your head.

For some reason, The The's "Infected" album came to mind the other day and rather than pull the vinyl out of the shelf (as I was working) I put it on youtube and carried on.

Oh Tae Fuck! Matt wrote some great songs there and those early Channel 4 promo (recorded to long-dead VHS) videos came instantly streaming back. I know the lyrics (for every song on albums that rocked me). I sing along. All good.

But then the next day it's still there. Don't get me wrong Matt (cuz you're a mental fuck when riled) but these aren't songs you want hanging around in your bonce days and weeks after the event. But being such great hooks and so well done they persist.

I HAVE THE CURE! (Fuck you, Matt!)

Crowded House Discography. Play it in chronological order. A single loop should do it, but repeat if required. No way any song can withstand the awesome power of these melodies.

Now at least the song that keeps diving into your mental soundscape isn't about hammering yourself to a crucifix with a nail-gun, or such-like, but instead about drinking yourself into oblivion and a pit of regret, but hey! In a Major key!

But seriously, this shit works.
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