The HBO mini-series, not the place, though it is about the place, and the disaster and near-catastrophe that happened there.

I'm re-watching it with my eldest and I note two things:

1. It's great TV. I mean "great", in the true sense of the word. Those beautifully long build-ups to intense moments of boiling tension. The acting, writing, directing, cinematography; it's all turned up to 11. Also, Emily Watson

It's because scenes from it keep popping back into my head that I'm re-watching it at all. Over five episodes Chernobyl will implant dozens of unforgettable moments into your brain. They are not coming out in a hurry.

2. It's something everyone who is alive and old enough in 2023 should watch, if only to understand the way Russians, or more correctly, "Russia", thinks.

You may find this insight useful in the days ahead.


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