The advantage of Human Emotion

For a short while, until AI are able to realistically simulate this, you have a window of opportunity..

People react to human emotions, being themselves human. For example, using the word "fuck" in an interaction is almost guaranteed to take you to the next level of communication; possibly with an actual human. Or else; with lesser AI; kill the chat immediately.

Using the word "human" might get you to a human; as in "I need to speak to a human". But not all AI. Only the thoughtfully-implemented AI, as in implemented by a human.

You see where I am going right now, yeah?

AI isn't ready. Not even nearly. I've spent reasonably-paid months training these fuckers and I can assure you, they are as dumb as a brick.

To any company shutting off human interaction in favour of AI-only customer service, know one thing; you have lost at least one customer. Me*.


* and I spend most of my money online, so... your loss.

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