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The modern review methodology is fatally flawed when it comes to natural products, especially food. The TEN BEST whatever's are simply not; guaranteed; as you forgot to factor in at least two important things..

Time. Is that the time? I'll be brief.

An example..

Many years ago I noticed a 6-pack (beer, bottles, not cans) at a very decent price, during my fortnightly pilgrimage to the supermarket.

I got them home, quick-chill (that's a technical term for wrapping a thick paper towel (aka. a square of kitchen roll which; you had better believe; is designed to be that exact size, depending on the designer's preferred beer) around a liquid container, wetting it under the cold tap*, draining and sticking in the freezer for 5-10m, as opposed to the regular chill (30m+ in the freezer) or slow chill (the fridge)), and BOOM!

Wow! What a fantastically nuanced lager. Just the right amount of hops, beautifully crisp on the palette yet deep in flavour. I had to look at my receipt three times.

Couple weeks later I decided it would be money well spent to do that again. I was so very wrong. It was like piss. Well, I'm exaggerating, but compared to what my mouth had been expecting.. A different experience altogether. Which got me thinking, how variable is it? And so I blame my slow decent into alcoholism oN SCIENCE!

Just kidding. It's not Perlenbacher's fault.

But over the course of many years I learned that natural products tend to drift, quality-wise. "quality", is also subjective. My eww, is another's w00!

In short, you can't tell from one taste/batch/bag/whatever. And even less so from someone else's taste.

If you only tried one Brazil nut, and it was off, you may conclude that you don't like Brazil nuts, which would be a mistake. Especially if you are male**.

So, ignore any food review or opinion that isn't based on at least a year's worth of research and tasting. It's simply too small a sample.

Bon Appetite!


* Or any cold water. Dipping in a bucket, pond, lake, stream, burn, waterfall; all good. Then shake off and straight in the freezer. Similar principle to the desert fridge (used by prison inmates to keep milk cold in the summer - wrapping toilet roll around the bottle and placing that in a tray of water next to the window - any breeze will do), except turned down 25 degrees, thanks to electricity.

**All adult males should eat a half dozen of these every day.

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