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As regular readers will know, I aim to squeeze an episode of TV in every night; living in the Golden Age of Television, and all; but often fail. I am bang up to date with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, though.

And it's mainly because of the casting. Also the writing and directing and cinematography and audio and OH FUCK ME! EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!

I'm a connoisseur of visual media. I could rewrite any TV show better. Test me. But I definitely couldn't cast a show as well as this. I don't have those kinds of resources, nor the eye it must take to do casting at this level.

This casting is next-level. I've not seen most of the actors involved (casting secret No. 1, fo sho). They all fit perfectly. So the story just rolls right in without obstruction. So I'm loving it. Episodes rarely sit in my downloads folder for more than a couple of days.

FOR KIDS: If; when you want to grow up; you want to get into casting (and don't let anyone tell you that this isn't an important, no, crucial career - few have the gift) speak to whomever cast this show, and get a leg-up).

And view the source!


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